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Have you ever asked yourself "How Can I Give Up Smoking?" Well, there is a revolutionary new approach to Quit Smoking which concentrates on Nicotine Depletion rather than Nicotine Replacement and it will have you Stop Smoking without going through any of the withdrawal cravings, you may have heard are inevitable, in a very short period of time.

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Just follow our simple, logical Four (4) Steps Program and you’ll be an ex-smoker in just a few months.


Without using drugs or expensive Nicotine Replacement Therapies. This is the Easy Way to throw away the cigarettes.

ONLY $AUD 24.75*

That’s about the same price* as your next packet of cigarettes!

Easier than lighting up that cigarette …

Perhaps you’ve heard about how hard it is to give up smoking? About the low moods you’re going to suffer, the anxiety and irritability, the loss of concentration and those miserable sleepless nights?

Don’t believe it! Giving up smoking can be EASY when you follow our simple, logical Four (4) Step Program in Give Up Smoking The Easy Way. Once you’ve committed yourself to our program you’ll be on your way to quitting smoking "without any of the withdrawal cravings" that you’ve heard are inevitable, and that's an absolute promise!

I liked smoking and didn’t want to give it up, until I realised if I didn’t - it would probably kill me. I thought it would be hard to do, that was until I tried this Method. It worked without a doubt and the most incredible thing is that it is easy to do. It was not a problem for me. I recommend this to anyone who wants to give smoking up. Read more about my experience on the LEARN MORE page.

Robin Adair - Perth WA

It worked for me, it will work for you …

Give Up Smoking The Easy Way uses a straightforward technique that’s helped me to quit the habit and improve my health and my life generally.

You don't need expensive and sometimes ineffective alternative nicotine replacement therapies. Our Nicotine Depletion technique will guide you through our simple, logical Four (4) Step Program your mind and body need to break the iron grip of smoking on your life!

To find out HOW this technique works, go to the LEARN MORE page and you'll be astounded on just how EASY this process is to Stop Smoking.

The Give Up Smoking the easy way benefits:

Cheaper than a pack of cigarettes

No expensive Nicotine Replacement Therapies

A no-drug, natural technique

The stress-free approach to quitting that you control

Proven effectiveness

Quit Smoking benefits:

Reduced risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke and other illnesses

Save tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime

Stop smelling like a walking ashtray

Free yourself from the hassles of smoking

Feel healthy again

FOR ONLY $AUD 24.75*

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* Price includes GST for purchases made in Australia and is based on the average cost of a packet of cigarettes from Sydney Australia, New York US and London UK.